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About SaveInsta

SaveInsta is a high rated Instagram downloader on the internet. This Instagram downloader is the simplest and quickest way to download your favourite Instagram photos and videos to store them in your galleries. It allows you to download any of the images or videos to your smartphones, PCs and even on your iPhones. You can download anything you want in just a matter of seconds. Story Saver for Instagram with SaveInsta is a really quick and easy, also called Insta Story Saver to download your favourite Instagram stories. All these features make SaveInsta a must-use site to get your desired posts. 

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms for engagement. It is an application which emphasizes on photo and video sharing and interacting with friends with thorough likes, comments, and shares. Earlier it was restricted to social activities and sharing memories, but in recent years, it has broadened its aspect. Not just share images and videos, one can start a live video, post a highlight or an Insta story easily and let the world know about you. 


Features of SaveInsta:


Steps to download images and videos from SaveInsta:

Thinking of downloading a picture or video you liked on Instagram? But sadly, Instagram does not provide an option to save images and videos due to its strict privacy policy. However, there is a way to do it.  SaveInsta is a great site for this purpose which allows you to save your favourite images from Instagram



How to download images and videos from Instagram to Computer or PC?

There is no ‘save image as’ on your Instagram feed while you scroll it down on the laptop or PC. However, you do not have to worry as you can now save your favourite images from Instagram to your laptop or PC in the following steps:


How to download Instagram videos and images on Android?

Although you cannot save the pictures directly from Instagram to your Android, there is absolutely no worries. As SaveInsta will help you save the images and videos from Instagram to your Android as well. 


How to download Instagram stories, Highlights and Multiple Feed Post?

Recently, Instagram has introduced cool Snapchat features like stories, highlights and multiple feeds which involve a combination of images and videos. With the  SaveInsta online tool, you can easily download these by following the given steps:

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