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About W3Toys Video Downloader

Do you want to download Instagram photos or videos online? W3toys is for you. It's one of the top level Instagram video downloader created for Instagram users to download Instagram videos without installing apps or software.

Instagram is a social network for sharing photos and videos which was created in October 2010. It ranks second in being the largest social networks in the world. Just like any other social networking site, Instagram is a useful platform to stay in touch with friends and share some of your memories with them via the numerous features offered by the application. Features such as sharing of videos, pictures, Instagram stories and more recently, Reels has improved the user response of the application making it more desirable. 


Why was w3toys introduced?

You are allowed to download Instagram, but downloading pictures and videos is something which requires an extra effort. As there is no download option on the application for retrieving information offline, it is necessary to take help from an external source. w3toys is one of the best online downloaders for Instagram that helps you to download photos and videos. 




How to download Instagram videos from w3toys?

You must have never thought that downloading videos from Instagram would have been possible until w3toys was introduced. This site is a magical solution for you, which would allow you to download any of the videos from Instagram. It allows you to download videos in high-resolution format. 

Just follow a few steps and download the videos from Instagram instantly. 


How to download Instagram images from w3toys?

w3toys is one of the simplest and reliable mediums to download the images from Instagram. You can download the images in just a single click. Considered as one of the most secure tools on the internet you can download any image from Instagram without worrying about its safety. 

Just follow a few steps and download the videos from Instagram instantly. 


How to download Instagram stories and highlights?

w3toys has not only made downloading videos and images possible on Instagram but also the stories and highlights. You often come across a lot of beautiful stories on Instagram but are unable to download it. However, you do not have to worry now as the w3toys will help you download the Instagram stories and highlights in just a few seconds. 


How to download IGTV videos from Instagram

IGTV videos are a bit longer than normal videos. But you do not have to worry as w3toys will download even the long IGTV videos in just a matter of seconds. A few simple steps and you will get your favourite IGTV videos downloaded. 


Is it possible to download Photos and Videos from any user's account?

One of the biggest questions that might come in your mind while using the w3toys for downloading videos is whether you can download it from any of the user's accounts?

There are two types of accounts on Instagram- private and public. Private accounts are restricted accounts, thus not everyone can download from it. On the other hand, Public accounts can be accessed by anyone, therefore, w3toys can allow you to download the videos and photos from the public account.