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About Instagram Downloader

Instagram Downloader is a powerful web tool for downloading and saving media off Instagram. It is the best and easiest online tool for Instagram users wanting to download: Instagram sideshow posts, Instagram images, Instagram videos, and IGTV. You aren't required to install any software. All you need is a link to the Instagram picture or video you want to download, and our servers do all the processing.

Instagram is the number one social networking platform for sharing your beautiful memories with people around the globe via photo and video. While Instagram is fantastic for sharing photos and videos, it's terrible for downloading or saving them since that functionality is not natively supported in the app or website. This is why Instagram downloader created out of the need for saving Instagram photos and videos.


Features of Instagram Video Downloader:

Have you ever seen a beautiful image on Instagram and thought of having it in your gallery? But you could not due to the strict privacy policies of Instagram. Now your wish can be fulfilled by the Instagram Downloader. You will definitely be amazed by its features.

How to download images and videos from Instagram Downloader?

Instagram Downloader is one of those ultimate platforms from where you can easily download Instagram images, videos, stories and much more without any hassle. It’s a free platform that offers excellent services without any limitation that's why you should also try it.  In just a few simple steps you can get the Instagram videos and photos downloaded in your device.


How to download Insta Downloader on Computer or PC?

Due to the privacy policies of Instagram, you are unable to download your desired images and videos directly from it. But this mustn’t stop you from saving your favourite pictures or videos. Instasave is a useful tool whose main purpose is to allow you to download the images and videos directly from Instagram without any hindrance. By following the given steps you can easily download them:


How to Download Instagram Stories from Instagram Downloader:

Instagram stories are temporary uploads, some of which you wish to save on your device. If you want to save a story from someone else’s account, you generally save it by taking a screenshot. But this might be a very tedious task, especially if you want to save a video from the story. For this purpose, you can use Instagram Downloader. 


When it comes to your favourite social networking site you would definitely not want any compromise. Instagram Downloader is a must use online tool if you are a regular Instagram user and wish to download various images or videos.