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About Downloadgram

Downloadgram is one of the most popular Instagram downloader by which you can download everything you find on Instagram whether it be Instagram images, or profile pictures, videos, IGTV videos, reels, stories, Multiple Images or Multiple Videos. All these images will be downloaded from Instagram to your Smartphones or your PC in just 1 click.


Almost every other smartphone has the Instagram application in it. In recent years Instagram has become a popular social networking site, especially among youngsters. The various features such as stories highlights and IGTV makes it more and more preferable to social media. Every time you open your Instagram you come across new feeds. At times you might often feel the need to download some of the videos and photos. Since you can’t do it directly from Instagram, Downloadgram will do it for you.


Features of the Downloadgram:


How to download photos and videos from Downloadgram?

Due to the privacy policies of Instagram, you are unable to download the images and videos directly from it.  Downloadgram is an effective free tool which allows you to download the images and videos directly from Instagram without any hindrance. You do not have to pay any subscription to use this site.


How to recover photos or videos from Downloadgram?

It is nothing new that most of the pictures and videos on your Instagram profile are not backed up. Once lost, no matter how much you try to right-click on your computer or long-press on your smartphone, retrieving your photos seems next to impossible. Provided you have all the images and videos on your account, Downloadgram can help you get back your data safely. You can quickly get all your lost photos to any device connected to the Internet by using this web app. To recover, open the photo you want to upload and find its URL. Copy and paste the URL  to the Downloadgram web app and click the “Download” button. Doing this, the photo will automatically be downloaded. 


How to download images from Instagram to Computer or PC:

There is no ‘save image as’ on your Instagram feed while you scroll it down on the laptop or PC. However, you do not have to worry as you can now save your favourite images from Instagram to your laptop or PC in the following steps:


How to download videos from Instagram to Computer or PC:

Since we already know that saving videos or pictures from Instagram is not at all an easy task. Neither can you save those videos on your PC like any other video or image? Thus, to download it without any hindrance you should use the Downloadgram. Your video will be downloaded in just a few simple steps.


How to download Instagram videos and images on Android:

Although you cannot save the pictures directly from Instagram to your Android, there is absolutely no worries. As Downloadgram will help you save the images and videos from Instagram to your Android as well. 


How to download Instagram videos or images on the iPhone:

Downloadgram is among the few online tools that allow you to download the images and videos from your Instagram even on iPhones. Moreover, it is not at all a complex process. Just follow a few steps and the image or video will be downloaded on the iPhone.

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