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About Instagram Photo Downloader

Instagram photo Downloader is one of the popular Instagram downloaders designed specially to download videos & photos from the Instagram platform for free. This online downloader allows you to download any of the images or videos from your Instagram to your smartphones, PCs and even on your iPhones. You can download anything you want in just a matter of seconds. Sounds amazing right? The various features of the Instagram Image Downloader make it even more approachable by Instagram users. 

Being a regular Instagram user, you must be aware of the fact that Instagram is one of the widely used social media networks around the world where anyone can share his or her feelings and lifestyle with millions of other people in the form of pictures and videos. Many people might feel the need to download any of these media contents from Instagram just to save it as a memory or even for educational or motivational purposes but unfortunately, there is no official option on Instagram from where the users can download pictures or videos online.


Features of Instagram Image Downloader:


How to retrieve lost photos or videos from Instagram Image Downloader?

Your Instagram profile may have a lot of videos and images. But what if any of it is lost without you having any backup? This might become a nightmare but Instagram photo Downloader has got you covered. You can easily recover the lost content from your Instagram profile. If you’ve lost some of your photos and videos, but have them on your account, you can use the Instagram Image Downloader site to get them back.  To get started, follow the given steps:


How to download images from Instagram Image Downloader?

Instagram Downloader is one of those ultimate platforms from where you can easily download Instagram images, videos, stories and much more without any hassle. It’s a free platform that offers excellent services without any limitation that's why you should also try it.  In just a few simple steps you can get the Instagram photos downloaded in your device.


How to Download Photos from Instagram to Computer or PC:

There is no ‘save image as’ on your Instagram feed while you scroll it down on the laptop or PC. However, you do not have to worry as you can now save your favourite images from Instagram to your laptop or PC in the following steps:


How to download Instagram Pictures on iPhone:

Instagram Picture Downloader is among the few online tools that allows you to download the images and videos from your Instagram even on iPhones. Moreover, it is not at all a complex process. Just follow a few steps and the image or video will be downloaded on iPhone.

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