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About Insloader

Insloader is one of the most popular Instagram photos and videos downloader. It allows you to download any of the pictures or video which is there on your Instagram feed. Since you are unable to download the videos and images directly from Instagram, Insloader is your ultimate solution. You can simply download any of the images or videos from Instagram with the help of its URL. The features of this website will definitely amaze you. 

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms for engagement. It is an application which emphasizes on photo and video sharing and interacting with friends with thorough likes, comments, and shares. Earlier it was just limited to social activities and sharing memories, but in recent years, it has broadened its aspect. Today, people use this application for more than just sharing videos and pictures. Instagram has become a source of good income for many influencers and online brands. 


Features of Insloader:

You must have searched for thousands of ways to download the images and videos from Instagram for free. There are several sites that might allow you to download the videos and images from Instagram, but you have to pay a certain amount for it. Insloader will allow you to download any of the images or video for free. There are no unnecessary ads or banners that would create hindrance in your work. Be rest assured this website will only offer you the best.


Steps to download Instagram videos and images from Insloader

Have you ever seen a beautiful image on Instagram and thought of having it in your gallery? But you could not due to the strict privacy policies of Instagram. Now your wish can be fulfilled by Insaloader. This website will allow you to download Instagram videos and photos in just a few simple steps. 


How to download Instagram videos and images from Insloader to PC?

You can not save the images or videos from on your Instagram feed while you scroll it down on the laptop or PC like any other image due to the restrictions imposed by the application. However, you do not have to worry as you can now save your favourite images from Instagram to your laptop or PC in the following steps:


How to download Instagram stories, Highlights and Multiple Feed Post:

Recently, Instagram has introduced cool Snapchat features like stories, highlights and multiple feeds which involve a combination of images and videos. With the Insloader online tool, you can easily download these by following the given steps:


Is it possible to download any photo or video from Insloader?

There are two types of User Accounts on Instagram- Private and Public. Private Accounts are private in nature as they are followed by only those individuals who they allow. Such users can only view posts from those who are following them. Those with Public accounts have an open account with the provision of anyone following them. All the posts, highlights and stories are viewed by anyone. Insloader is eligible to download the images, videos, highlights, stories of only the Public accounts users as well as private accounts. Moreover, there are no restrictions on the number of images or videos that you can download.