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About 10insta Downloader

10insta is one of the most popular websites that allows you to download pictures and videos from Instagram without any limitations. Being a regular user you must be aware of the fact that while posting images on Instagram is an easy task, downloading them isn't so simple. However, these restrictions cannot stop users from leaving this platform because everyone loves this giant photo-sharing app. 

Instagram is one of the widely used social media networks around the world where anyone can share his or her feelings and lifestyle with millions of other people in the form of pictures and videos. With so much excitement to scroll, you might feel the need to download any of these media contents from Instagram just to save it as a memory. In such a case, 10insta is a great option to be referred to. 


Why should you use 10insta downloader?

More than 100 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every day by its over one billion users. If you’re one of the billion users, you’ve probably found yourself wishing that you could download photos, too. This is not quite possible as Instagram does not provide any ‘Save’ or ‘Download’ option. In such a case, it becomes important to take help from third-party software. 10insta is an easy to use site which helps you resolve your issue and downloads any picture or video of your wish without any hassle.  


Features of 10insta video downloader:

Have you ever seen a beautiful image on Instagram and thought of having it in your gallery? But you could not due to the strict privacy policies of Instagram. Now your wish can be fulfilled by the 10insta. You will definitely be amazed by its features.


How to download images and videos from 10insta?

10insta is one of those ultimate platforms from where you can easily download Instagram images, videos, stories and much more without any hassle. It’s a free platform that offers excellent services without any limitation that's why you should also try it.  In just a few simple steps you can get the Instagram videos and photos downloaded in your device.


Steps to download videos and images on Android phones:

Although you cannot save the pictures directly from Instagram to your Android, there is absolutely no worries. As Downloadgram will help you save the images and videos from Instagram to your Android as well. 


How to download Instagram stories and photos to PC:

There is no ‘save image as’ on your Instagram feed while you scroll it down on the laptop or PC. However, you do not have to worry as you can now save your favourite images from Instagram to your laptop or PC in the following steps:


You can download as many videos and photos you want from the Instagram loader. It has unlimited access and you can spend 24 hours a day on 10insta for downloading photos and videos from numerous Instagram users.